** ATTENTION: If you are wanting to do this, and have spent considerable amount of money and its not a jeep, contact me. I may be willing to sponsor you with free photography. I need more variety in my portfolio! Email me **

Automotive Gallery


** Easter Jeep Safari **

Images shot at EJS will be processed on location and transmitted to you for use on Social media platforms same day. 

Do you own a vehicle that you are damn proud of?

Do you buy it more toys than your kids get?

Then you need to finish reading this...

I think people dont realize how close we are to the end of these types of vehicles.. record this this part of your life.. 

This can be anything with a motor! Your built race car, show car, collectors vehicle and even your beat up trail rig! ( character is worth remembering on those right? Wear that s*** like a badge of honor! )

This includes BIG Rigs, Motorcycles, Atv's, Airplanes.. anything you can strap into, or ride! If you'd love to include an option to add a family shoot with the rig, we can add that on a service.

This is a limited time  OFFER!

( 30 days, offer ends March 9th 2016  PRE EJS REGISTRATION WINDOW)

First Tier $399 (LIMITED TIME $299)

15+ High res images of your vehicle. This will include taking multiple shots inside, and outside with quite a few unique angles all in high resolution. You choose your 15 shots to be finalized for edit. I will also be adding images with Bio's to a custom Gallery for your rig, for you to share on Social Media. This will be included permanently on my website for as long as I run it. (sample coming soon of page)

Includes one 11x17  and 8x10 print

Second Tier $275 (LIMITED TIME $199

8 High Res images of your vehicle. I will be taking multiple shots inside, and outside with quite a few unique angles all in high resolution. You choose your 5 shots to be finalized for edit. 

Includes two 8x10 prints

Third Tier $199 (LIMITED TIME $179

4 epic images of your choice,  I will be taking multiple shots of the vehicle, with different looks for you to later choose which you want print finished. Image will be delivered to you via digital delivery. 

Includes one 8x10 print

                                                          Custom Bid $150+ hour

Bring along a Professional photographer! Either for yourself, or for your entire group! Break down the cost and share it among the group, or just foot the amount for a dedicated personalized record of your day. Video, and images will be provided with the utmost quality. Goes for racetracks, airports, ATV areas, or general offroad rides.

Email me or call me!  801-425-8437

Why me?

I didn't simply just buy an expensive camera and hope for the best, I work diligently to get it right. I prepare and approach it like an art form. I don't want a boring ass image. It needs to be dynamic and part of who you are.  I am not the least expensive, but I promise you will get every ounce of my pride and soul into the images.  I have poured my heart and soul into creating a footprint in the minds of any who come across my page. I promise, you will love what you receive from me. I offer a full reshoot upon the possibility of it going awry.


All sessions include  post processing time that is not calculated as on location. These images can be printed to a VERY large size, I offer several options for prints, or latex type stick and peel, like you see on Fatheads products. Every Session included high res images digitally sent to you via email. I also provide facebook quality images for you to use on social media!

I am available for trail runs, but those would run time and materials, I can give you a custom quote if you'd prefer to give me a call 801-425-8437 or Email me zukispeed@gmail.com

All images provided will be High Resolution (36 Megapixels), images not to be used for commercial  use only personal,  rates can be negotiated per use for commercial use. I will also provide a watermarked image for social media use.  Images will be sent to client via www.wetransfer.com you will have 7 days to download the file from the time its initiated. Chosen images will also be posted on facebook, with watermark.