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I think it's wise to ask yourself a few questions,  

What is the intended space to hang it in? Knowing what sort of light is on the area daily is really important when choosing the type of paper, and finish.


How do I plan on hanging the print?

   a. I offer many solutions when it comes to how it should be displayed. Matboard

        images float and have very little weight, they do not require a frame. Canvas are a

        bit heavier, but very sturdy. Framed photographic prints, and Metal prints have the

        best displayability in the more difficult light.

What type of finish do I want for a photographic paper/print?

   a. Several types of High quality photographic print options. Luster, gives you a nice

       lightly textured surface, Metallic is a bit shinier, doesn't work with most prints. I also

       offer a Linen texture finish.

Will this be displayed in an area where a large amount of public traffic will pass?

   a. I offer discounts to heavily traffic laden areas, Business and even some private homes

       you host socially often.

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